Technical/Website Assistance

The Technology Assistance Program is a new service developed by the Southeastern
Montana Development Corporation (SEMDC) in response to a regional need to
increase Southeastern Montana’s visibility and presence on the web.
In the fall of 2010, Southeastern Montana Development Corporation (SEMDC) held
seven community input meetings to develop a Comprehensive Economic Development
Strategy (CEDS). A “lack of web-presence” was a weakness that was mentioned in
almost all meetings. SEMDC feels like this Technical Assistance Program will help to
enhance Southeastern Montana’s web-presence and small business viability.
Tourists use the internet as a primary source of information when planning trips. Fewer
and fewer people use the Yellow Pages to find services and local businesses. More
payment transactions and purchases occur on company websites. Southeastern
Montana has so many local opportunities, services, and activities… They should be
online and promoted more widely! This is an opportunity for small businesses and
organisations to increase their marketing and promotion, and enhance their visibility and
The process of developing a website or blog and the notion of online marketing can
seem daunting, costly and challenging. Southeastern Montana Development
Corporation understands these obstacles and has received a grant from the United
States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help fund a Technical Assistance Position.
This service can help small businesses, organizations and community members get a
website up and running, teach the owners how to run the site themselves, and/or help
individuals develop a website on their own.
Southeastern Montana Develop is not a website development or graphics company, but
we have recognized the need for this service and the economic development capacity
that can develop. If you are a small business or organization in the County of Custer,
Powder River, Rosebud or Treasure, feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas.

Technology Assistance Program Overview and Contract

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