2021 Community Surveys

These documents are a summary of the 2021 CEDS community surveys. These surveys were designed to ascertain local findings for the five-year CEDS document being created by SEMDC, and to get community feedback as to what the current state of the community is, how things have changed from last year, and what projects are priorities to be completed for the following year(s).

This year it was especially important to seek community feedback because of the COVID impacts on our region. SEMDC is working with citizens and communities to find ways to maximize positive impacts and mitigate negative ones. The more individuals in each community understand economic change and impacts, proactively plan, and communicate within the community and region, the better the outcomes will be. This document summarizes the thoughts, ideas, and projects discussed at the community meeting.

Click Picture to View the Five-Year CEDS for SEMDC District.

Our CEDS process was featured on the Best Practices section of the National Association of Development Organizations website. Click Here to see that information.