Emergency Info

In light of the recent fires in the SEMDC region, we have compiled to emergency information and phone numbers to help our clients:

A) Check with Insurance Provider:

            – Coverage?

            – Save Receipts for possible Reimbursement


B) Communicate Needs:


                        – Commissioners

                        – Becky McEuen, DES Coordinator 406-853-4284 c

            – SEMDC:

                        – Jim Atchison 748-2990    email: semdc@bhwi.net

                        – Julie Korkow 554-3123   email: julie@semdc.org

                        – Jaimi Balsam 748-2990   email: sbdc@bhwi.net


C) Agriculture Info:

            – MT Department of Ag – Hay Hotline   www.agr.mt.gov

            – Ranchers Relief Fund – Contributions / Info. 853 – 4284

            – Possible CRP Openings – contact Congressional Delegation for Support:

(Congressman Rehberg: 1-888-232-2626) ~ (Senator Baucus: 657-6790) ~ (Senator Tester: 252-0550)


D) Employment Info:

            – MT Job Service – Miles City 232-8340

            – MT Department of Labor & Industry “Rapid Relief” Team

                        – Out toSE MTthis week?


E) Disaster Process:

            – Governor State of Emergency Declared June 27th: #6A-2012 (includesPowder RiverCounty)

            -Powder RiverCountyDisaster Declaration – Secretary of Ag (USDA)

                        – Submitted toHelenalast week

            – Presidential Declaration – For possible FEMA and other Federal Assistance

                        – Possible 1-2 weeks?   FEMA Assessment Team verifies Damages

                        – Private Sector Assistance (possible Ag and or non-Ag related businesses)


F) Possible Financing Options – Small Businesses:

            – SBA Disaster Loan Options

            – EDA Options – Mostly Public Sector

            – USDA Options – Regular Loan Programs

                        – Sunset Programs (3) in old Farm Bill – New Farm Bill in Committee (Congress)

            – SEMDC Disaster Loan Option (NEW):

                        – Possible New SEMDC Low Interest Loan Fund Coming

                        – Proposal being developed to Partner / Leverage Funds with area Banks and State

                        – Details Coming Soon – www.semdc.org

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