Annually, Southeastern Montana Development Corporation (SEMDC) initiates public input throughout a four-county region to assist in developing a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). In the past,, we have held community meetings to gain insight into trends, strengths,, and concerns in various communities. Due to COVID, we are not going to hold in-person meetings but have designed surveys to invite conversation about the current state of each community, to discuss how things have changed from last year, and to note what projects are priorities to be completed for the following year(s). These conversations are incorporated into a five-year CEDS document created by SEMDC to be utilized as a planning framework for direction to the communities in Southeastern Montana.

This year it was especially important to host community meetings because of the COVID impacts on our region. SEMDC is working with citizens and communities to find ways to maximize positive impacts and mitigate negative ones. The more individuals in each community understand economic change and impacts, proactively plan, and communicate within the community and region, the better the outcomes will be.

Please Join! We want your perspectives! Complete the survey below for your area.




Lame Deer


Miles City                                           

For more information please email us at or call at: 748-2990

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