CEDS Community Meeting Recaps 2018

CEDS Meeting Recaps – Fall of 2011

These documents are a summary of the 2011 CEDS community meetings. These meetings were designed to discuss local findings from the five-year CEDS document created last year by SEMDC, and to get community feedback as to what the current state of each community is, how things have changed from last year, and what projects are priorities to be completed for the following year(s).
This year was especially important to host community meetings because of the many natural resource development projects currently going on, expanding, and those that are proposed to begin in the next few years in Southeastern MT. There will be many impacts on communities in south eastern Montana, and the goal is to maximise positive impacts and mitigate negative ones. The more communities understand the impacts, proactively plan, and communicate within the community and region, the better the outcomes will be. These documents summarise the thoughts, ideas, and projects discussed at the community meetings. It also summarises some of the findings from the surveys that were passed out at the meetings.

Please click on the following communities to view/download the 2011 CEDS COmmunity Meeting Summaries in PDF format.

Ashland          Colstrip          Hysham          Miles City

Broadus          Forsyth          Lame Deer

Given the diverse areas that we work in and various projects completed, we hope to share some resources that we have developed and post some information that we have found helpful. If you have any questions on these resources, please feel free to contact us.


SEMDC’s 2011-2015 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy The 2011-2015 update of our CEDS is the result of a thoughtful and often challenging planning and implementation process designed to improve the economy and quality of life in Southeastern Montana and help to develop a road map for the region. This ongoing process involves gathering input from a culturally and economically diverse group that includes individuals and organizations from the SEMDC Economic Development District.


To accompany the CEDS document for 2011-2015, we have created a CEDS Planning Resource to summarize the information we gathered from our SWOT anlayis; highlight community proposed projects; and offer resources to get some of those projects going. The CEDS Planning Resources is created as an action plan to support each community. Please follow these links for the specific CEDS Planning Resources: Ashland, Broadus, Colstrip, Forsyth, Hysham, Lame Deer, and Miles City.


Available Businesses and Buildings for Sale

Employment Opportunities


Local Online Resources and Links

Documents and Maps from Other Sources:

Montana Maps

US Census Bureau QuickFacts

Montana’s Our Facts Your Future

State of Montana Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan and Statewide Hazard Assessment

US Ag Census

Montana’s Department of Public Health

Montana Legislature

American Planning Association Small Town and Rural Planning

Enhancing Agro-Tourism

Rural Community Building

Farmers Market State Info

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