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Yucca Theatre | Hysham, Mont.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, May 20, 2021

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MONTANA – The Montana Department of Commerce announced today that 23 Montana communities will share more than $5 million of grant funding for 26 historic preservation projects. The grants, awarded through Commerce’s Montana Historic Preservation Grant Program, will be used to improve historical sites, historical societies and history museums in Montana.

“These grants will help communities share stories of the past, giving visitors and residents a true glimpse of Montana’s fascinating, deep-rooted history,” Commerce Director Scott Osterman said. “Projects like these can really help rejuvenate Montana communities with increased economic development, statewide tourism and job creation.”

Improvements to these historical sites, societies and museums may include infrastructure repair, building renovations, maintenance, remediating building code issues, security enhancements and fire protection.

The following community projects will receive Montana Historic Preservation grant funding:

  • Baker: $298,657 for the O’Fallon Historical Museum
  • Boulder: $498,500 for the Boulder Hot Springs
  • Bozeman: $500,000 for Museum of the Rockies
  • Butte: $228,600 for the Carpenters Union Hall
  • Butte: $341,189 for the Hotel Finlen
  • Butte: $450,000 for the Mother Lode Theater
  • Chinook: $60,240 for the Blaine County Museum
  • Dillon: $11,447 for the Dillon Public Library
  • Gardiner: $500,000 for the Gardiner Community Center
  • Glendive: $206,822 for the Dion Block
  • Great Falls: $125,000 for the 10th Street Bridge
  • Hungry Horse: $72,200 for the Spotted Bear Ranger Station
  • Hysham: $23,300 for the Yucca Theatre
  • Kalispell: $58,385 for the Central School Building
  • Lewistown: $412,535 for the Crowley Block
  • Libby: $229,690 for The Heritage Museum
  • Livingston: $140,000 for the Livingston Depot Center
  • Missoula: $500,000 for the Milwaukee Depot
  • Missoula: $419,000 for the Missoula Art Museum
  • Pablo: $50,600 for The People’s Center
  • Paradise: $123,220 for the Paradise Center
  • Seeley Lake: $15,000 for the Seeley Lake Historical Museum and Visitors Center
  • Shelby: $9,000 for the Old Town Hall
  • Stevensville: $81,561 for the East Barracks at Fort Owen State Park
  • Troy: $4,904 for the Troy Museum and Visitors Center
  • White Sulphur Springs: $89,500 for the Ringling Mansion

“Our nonprofit organization is deeply grateful for the unique Historic Preservation Grant Program. During these troubled times it is inspiring that treasures from Montana’s past, such as the Historic 10th Street Bridge across the Missouri River in the center of Great Falls, will be preserved and utilized as a trail for future generations,” said Arlyne Reichert, President, Preservation Cascade, Inc. “In addition to folks from Montana, many tourists from near and far will be able to enjoy this beautiful 101 year old architectural gem. It has taken over 25 years of perseverance on the part of many volunteers. This historic grant has enabled the completion of the project and brought our dream to reality.”  

Enacted in 2019, the Montana Historic Preservation Grant Program was created to help communities increase economic development, community revitalization and statewide tourism through added investment, job creation, business expansion and local tax-base growth.

Eligible applicants for the program include incorporated nonprofit organizations, incorporated cities or towns, associations, counties and tribal governments. For more information visit COMDEV.MT.GOV.