Serving Southeastern Montana Counties of Custer, Powder River, Rosebud & Treasure

Montana SBA Director Brent Donnelly made a quick stop at Vintage and Rustics Wednesday Decemeber 16, 2020. It was one of many stops he made during a week long road trip that makes ones stop in all Montana’s counties.

Donnelly said that they were doing this to help the small businesses, which make up 99.3% of the businesses in Montana and 65% of the workforce. They have found that the businesses are doing well as they are full of grit and resilience. They have gotten feedback that online sales have increased, and people are purchasing gift cards and then ripping them up to help the business. He wants to thank small businesses for their tenaciousness and is using this trip to help encourage shopping locally.

Jacki from Vintage and Rustics, when asked by Donnelly, how Covid was affecting her business? said that their business is doing okay; it is a struggle that they lost the Bucking Horse Sale week, which is a second Christmas to them. Also, that masks have increased shoplifting. They cannot correctly identify people wearing masks that are caught stealing when viewed on the camera system. Because of this, they cannot ask them to leave the store if they return. She also stated that customers have been supportive but are not shopping as often as they use to.

The trip was a success in helping spread the word to the community that our small businesses need us now, more than ever.