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Eastern Montana Regional Planner and Resource Coordinator Positions - Southeastern Montana Development Corporation

Serving Southeastern Montana Counties of Custer, Powder River, Rosebud & Treasure

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The Eastern Montana Impact Coalition planning is a collaboration of three Economic Development Districts (EDD) and one Local Development Organization (LDO) covering 16 counties and two reservations in eastern Montana. The purpose of the coalition is to leverage resources and coordinate services to work positively and proactively for the represented counties and communities to: encourage proper planning; assist with obtaining financing for the rehabilitation and installation of infrastructure; work with developers to encourage housing development and other critical infrastructure; and work with the energy industry to encourage development and assistance during this strong period of energy development. Funding for these two positions is being provided via state and federal grants for two (2) years. The capacity for extending the initial position period may develop as the need arises. It is the intent of the coalition to devise methods to continue the positions long term, but initial funding is for a two year period.
The regional planner will work in tandem with the respective development organization(s) to develop both short- and long-term plans for infrastructure improvements, land use, and the revitalization and/or expansion of the region’s rural communities. This requires that the regional planner become familiar with various strategic plans and be able to predict, within reason, the future needs of the population. In doing so, they will assist local officials alleviate certain economic, environmental, and social problems through recommendations regarding regulations, community facilities, and public infrastructure.
The resource coordinator will work in tandem with the respective development organization(s) to determine both short- and long-term strategies for implementing improvements, as a means of revitalizing and/or expanding the region’s economy. The resource coordinator must also become familiar with various existing regional strategic plans. The coordinator may generate proposals and supporting documents needed to assist with the progression of development in relation to these strategies. In doing so, the coordinator will assist local officials alleviate certain economic, environmental, and social problems by coordinating resources and key stakeholders.
For more information regarding the positions, please contact the Montana Job Service and reference the Great Northern Development Corporation’s listing for the position you are interested in. The coalition will select the most advantageous applicant and office accommodations will be made based upon the applicant’s current location or desired location within the coalition region.