Energy businesses and organizations across the state have signed up for Governor Schweitzer’s Energy Internship Program being conducted by his Office of Community Service. This program will provide Montana businesses relating to energy with 100 interns who will in turn receive a $2000 scholarship toward their tuition. If your business has not already considered and applied to participate in the program you may do so at

We encourage all business that have signed up to the program and are awaiting an intern to RECRUIT YOUR OWN INTERN. Businesses do not need to wait for the Governor’s Office of Community Service to provide an intern. Speak with the members of your community about this opportunity. Many students are returning to their home for the summer; possibly you, a coworker, or someone in the community knows of a student that would be a perfect match to your business. If you find a student that is ready to go to work for you under Governor Schweitzer’s Energy Internship simply contact the Governor’s Office of Community Service and they will provide you and the student with all that you need to get signed up.

These students realize that Montana is on the cusp of an energy boom, and THEY WANT TO BE A PART OF IT! Help us build a bridge to an energy independent nation by getting the young professionals of tomorrow involved through Governor Schweitzer’s Energy Internship!