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Cheyenne Website Being Developed - Southeastern Montana Development Corporation

Serving Southeastern Montana Counties of Custer, Powder River, Rosebud & Treasure

Business of the Month

BW Grill and Bar in Hysham is a Short-order restaurant providing lunch and dinner along with a full-service bar. Stop in for lunch on your way through, you will not be disappointed! Grab a burger or the daily special, or maybe even get a take and bake pizza for later.


From A Cheyenne Voice

We are working on a website.  With the help of two great ladies (Emily and Julie) from Southeastern Montana Development Corporation, Colstrip, this will be possible!  It will take them awhile to get it created and then probably longer to get the publisher up to speed, but within six weeks we’ll be in cyberspace!  This will allow us to reach more people and the Internet subscriptions will be cheaper, cuz there’s no envelopes to address, stamps to lick, etc.  Stay tuned, or logged in.  Whatever.  Ain’t that exciting?