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Get Your Financial Checkup! - Southeastern Montana Development Corporation

Serving Southeastern Montana Counties of Custer, Powder River, Rosebud & Treasure

Business of the Month

BW Grill and Bar in Hysham is a Short-order restaurant providing lunch and dinner along with a full-service bar. Stop in for lunch on your way through, you will not be disappointed! Grab a burger or the daily special, or maybe even get a take and bake pizza for later.


Many people schedule an annual physical exam for physical health. A financial check-up serves the same purpose…..it’s an opportunity to review your financial health. It will help you spot a potential problem early enough to take actions that will prevent a minor financial ailment from becoming a serious financial health issue. Come learn about financial health issues like:

• Make the most of your credit & debt decisions
• Assess your spending
• Save on Montana and federal income taxes
• Determine if your retirement savings are on track
• Assess the risky business of investments
• Discover the estate plan that the state of Montana has for you

This event will be held April 19th at the Haugo Center in Forsyth, MT from 9:30am to 4pm.  Please RSVP to attend.  Lunch is provided.  Presenters are MSU Extension Family Economics.  Contact information is below:

MSU Extension Rosebud County
PO Box 65
Forsyth, Montana 59327

Jennifer Anderson, Extension Agent
jenanderson@montana.edu OR 346-7320