Serving Southeastern Montana Counties of Custer, Powder River, Rosebud & Treasure


We’re kicking off the 2011 Montana Tourism Conference on Sunday, March 27, offering two workshops focused on improving your skills in two activities essential for sustainable tourism business success: Responsible Purchasing and Small Business Marketing.

The workshops are open to anyone registered for the conference, but you do need to pre-register for them. You can do that with the conference’s on-line registration system or hard-copy registration form — — or by contacting Suzi Kopec, 406-443-1160,

The Sustainable Tourism — Responsible Purchasing Workshop (2:30-6:30 pm) offers you information and expertise from the Yellowstone Business Partnership’s successful UnCommon Sense Program. Led by YBP’s Sustainability Programs Manager, Heather Higinbotham, the workshop involves numerous presenters covering these areas:

  • Creating a purchasing tracking matrix
  • Green purchasing policies and internal operations
  • Vendor communication
  • Alternative products identification
  • Shared purchasing and the role of community partners
  • Eco labels and programs
  • Local and national resources

The Small Business Marketing Workshop (3:30-6:30 pm) is aimed at Montana’s many owner/operator tourism businesses and small organizations that need assistance reaching customers and making best use of their limited marketing dollars. MT Department of Commerce’s Senior Marketing Officer Lonie Stimac and Leesa Nopper, business-to-business marketing consultant, team up to help you identify your target market, explore the most efficient ways to reach them, and find cost-effective promotion techniques to get you into the consideration set of your potential customers.

Both workshops take place at Helena’s Red Lion Colonial Hotel, the host conference facility. Complete agenda information at our website.